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Hancock 2 Release Date? 2022 News



Hancock 2 Release Date

Hancock 2 Release Date? 2022 News

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Other Name:   Hancock 2
Genre:   Action, Fantasy
Directed By:  

Hancock 2 Release Date

Hancock, one of the best productions of 2008, directed by Will Smith, created a great expectation for the audience with the good news that the new movie will be released in 2012, Hancock 2, a year after its release.

However, the film, which was not released in 2012, has changed the vision a few more times and reached today. There is no clear shared information about what will be the subject of the second movie of Hancock, which is a superhero story that doesn’t care about what others think in their first movie.

It is not possible to speak of a clear date at the moment about Hancock 2 release date. Although 2022 is pointed out in some circles, this is not a valid date.

I will add to this post when an official statement comes from the producers.

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