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The Nun 2 Release Date? 2022 News



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The Nun 2 Release Date? 2022 News

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Other Name:   The Nun 2
Genre:   Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Directed By:  

The Nun 2 Release Date

The Nun, who has received great appreciation from horror lovers with his first film and has achieved great success at the box office, is preparing to appear again with the sequel, The Nun 2.

There is no clear information about the subject of the movie, which will feature Bonnie Aarons in the lead role and written by Akela Cooper.

In the first film about a priest sent by the Vatican to investigate the suicide incident in a monastery and his apprentice’s terrible secret discovered in the monastery, Valak and Valak, who seemed to be devils, were told to confront them.

Although there is no clear information about The Nun 2 release date, the film is expected to be released in 2022-2023.

Synopsis of The Nun (first movie):

The Nun is directed by Corin Hardy and written by Gary Dauberman and James Wan. The US-made Horror, Mystery, Thriller genre movie was released on September 21, 2018. Filming Location:Castel Film Studios, Bucharest, Romania.

A young priestess committed suicide in a convent in Romania. The Vatican will send two people to investigate and investigate the case, one with problems with his past and the other a rookie preparing to take the new priesthood vows.

These two people start to act together, as they examine the monastery, they begin to learn terrible things and they will even begin to question their beliefs.

The Nun; The Darkest Episode of the Horror Session Universe

The horror thriller The Nun, from New Line Cinema, explores another dark corner of The Conjuring universe, whose record-breaking films have terrified audiences around the world.

Directed by Corin Hardy (The Hallow) and produced by James Wan and Peter Safran, who produced all the films in the Conjuring franchise, this new horror festival delves into the shocking origins of Valak, the evil nun whose evil presence we first saw in The Conjuring 2. .

The Conjuring 2

When a young nun at a remote convent in Romania commits suicide, a priest with a haunted past and a novice nun who is about to take her final vows are sent to investigate. Together they uncover the evil secret of the group in this monastery. Risking not only their lives, but their faith and their souls, the duo confronts an evil force in the guise of a nun, turning into a terrifying battlefield between the abbey and the damned.

Starring in The Nun are Oscar-nominated Demian Bichir (A Better Life) as Father Burke, Taissa Farmiga (TV series American Horror Story) as Sister Irene, and Jonas Bloquet (Elle) as local villager Frenchie. The cast also includes Charlotte Hope (TV’s Game of Thrones) as Sister Victoria from the convent, Ingrid Bisu (Toni Erdmann) as Sister Oana, and Bonnie Aarons returning as Valak from The Conjuring 2. The Nun, directed by Hardy, is written by Gary Dauberman (IT, Annabelle films).

Other information about the movie;

The cursed demon in holy guise returns in the horror thriller The Nun, the final chapter in James Wan’s Conjuring universe, dedicated to the origin of his terrifying face.

The audience first saw Sister Valak, who troubled and terrified her in Lorraine Warren’s dreams, in The Conjuring 2. The epic battle of good versus evil in The Nun brings together a priest with a dark past and a novice priestess whose past isn’t the only thing that haunts the Demon Sister.

the nun 2 movie

Director Corin Hardy, who is a fan of the movie, and especially of the Sister character, says: “When I first saw the Sister, I loved her mysterious side. No explanation was given for him, but his appearance and behavior were terrifying. She was a perfect, symbolic horror character, her nun outfit covering her face and also hiding her body and limbs to make her seem inhuman.”

“The demonic and supernatural perversion of something considered holy and pure like a nun is deeply disturbing,” says producer James Wan.

Wan and his producer friend Peter Safran knew from the very first moment that the character appeared on the screen, that the Sister formed a deep psychological connection with the audience. Safran explains: “He had a relatively small but important role, so it was incredible that he appealed to people so much. We knew the Sister deserved a story about her origins, and people were wondering where she came from…and why.”

The nun from conjuring 2

After watching The Hallow, Wan and Safran gave the direction to Hardy. Says Hardy: “When I got that phone, it was a dream come true. I knew I was going to work hard, and I was excited to create a new part of the Conjuring universe.”

Safran says: “We all liked Corin’s movie and thought it would be perfect for the job. He’s an excellent director, making character-driven cinema, and he knows how to create tension, create authentic suspense to make the audience scream.”

Screenwriter Gary Dauberman, who is also one of the executive producers, made a natural choice after writing the script for Annabelle: Creation, which tells the original story of the highly successful Annabelle and the baby whose soul is possessed by the devil, and the evil Nun briefly appeared on the screen.


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I will add to this post when an official statement comes from the producers.

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